Author: Vitus Rotzer, Chief Revenue Officer - Financial Messaging Globally, Bottomline


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Vitus Rotzer is the Chief Revenue Officer - Financial Messaging Global at Bottomline. Vitus is leading the strategy to expand Bottomline’s business globally. Vitus is a versatile senior executive with strong leadership, management, and business development skills. He has over 20 years’ experience in financial services and software technology within leading and international companies, encompassing sales management and senior executive roles.

As the Roman poet Ovid once said, ‘A horse never runs as fast as when it has other horses to catch and surpass.’ This metaphor aptly captures the essence of today’s banking sector, where understanding market demands and competitor strategies is crucial for staying ahead in the race. Competition not only drives the market but also serves as a catalyst for continuous innovation and growth within financial institutions. Plus, there is no shortage of global issues for banks to put on their agenda for 2024. Right off the top, we have cloud migration, the acceleration of real-time or instant payments,…

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